Code of Conduct

Bristol Telephone Area Rugby Football Club is a family based rugby club which prides itself on a long
history, warm hospitality and providing rugby opportunities to players of all ages.
Everyone is welcome at BTARFC, however, to ensure that we can continue to provide the
facilities and services our members and guests desire there is a duty on all who use the club
to obey our Constitution and rules and this Code of Conduct.

1. Conduct of Members & Supporters.

1(a) Whilst representing BTARFC on the field of play.

Whilst representing BTARFC, on the field, players are expected to conduct themselves
in a manner that, at all times, conveys a positive attitude, good sportsmanship
and demonstrated respect for authority. swearing, disrespect of fellow players, coaches,
rugby officials, spectators or misuse of equipment will not be tolerated at any time.

Players of BTARFC shall at all times, play within the rules & regulations & spirit of the game.

Players of BTARFC shall abstain from the use of illegal drugs.

BTARFC have a responsibility for the behaviour of their supporters / guests at games.

1(b) Whilst representing BTARFC off the field of play.

Members & supporter, whilst representing BTARFC, shall maintain a high standard of moral and ethical
conduct, which includes self control and responsible behaviour and good manners in public places,
as well as at our own clubhouse.

Whilst travelling with BTARFC members & supporters shall respect the rules and regulations of any establishment, this includes, restaurants, hotels and other rugby clubs.

2. Disciplinary Action

If any member or supporters of BTARFC fails to comply with this Code of Conduct on, or off the
field of play, the member may be subject to disciplinary action which may include reprimand, suspension
or expulsion from the club.

Any disciplinary action shall be dealt with by the senior officers of the clubs committee
in the form of a disciplinary meeting.

3. Complaints

Any complaints, except from referees arising from incidents concerning a violation or breech of
this Code of Conduct by a member or supporter shall be delivered in writing to the officers of the club.

All complaints shall be dealt with by the disciplinary committee as outlined in section 2.